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Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub – Marquee Club Table Service – VIP Entry

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub was created by a group of world-renowned nightlife impresarios. The force behind such New York and Las Vegas destinations as TAO and LAVO have once again changed the nightlife landscape with the opening of Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for the ultimate Las Vegas nightclub. Veteran operators Louis Abin, Jason Strauss, Marc Packer, Rich Wolf and Noah Tepperberg debuted the Las Vegas outpost of Marquee, a Manhattan nightlife fixture, as Las Vegas welcomed in 2011.

Marquee Las Vegas unites the best of every great international city’s music scene into one spectacular and singular setting. Marquee nightclub is 60,000 square-foot with 50-foot-tall ceilings and an unparalleled multi-million-dollar sound stage designed to cater to any performer’s whim. Designed by David Rockwell, Marquee Las Vegas encompasses seven bars that transition you between three lavish rooms and a variety of musical experiences. Marquee nightclub is one of the largest in Las Vegas and has enough room for 3,000 people with immense lines wrapping the casino to get in for the best dancing and Las Vegas bottle service in town.

Drawing focus in the main room at Marquee nightclub is a 40 foot LED DJ booth and projection stage which is surrounded by plush coliseum-style VIP banquette seating and two dance floors. Having your own VIP booth with the best Las Vegas bottle service will certainly make onlookers jealous.

Marquee Las Vegas has the top international house music DJs as residents, and the pairing of high-caliber DJs with the over-the-top extravagance of the club promises to impress even the most traveled tastemakers. Resident DJs include DJ Redfoo from LMFAO, Erick Morrillo, Eric D-Lux, DJ Chuckie, Roger Sanchez, Lisa Pittman, Jordan Stevens, DJ Vice.


Marquee Las Vegas offers two separate rooms besides the main room if your taste is not in house music. The Boom Box room is a mixed-format area. With dark tones, faux-crocodile skin flooring and vast glass walls of windows overlooking the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Boom Box offers a Las Vegas nightclub experience unlike any other. The room is small but the lack of a dedicated dance floor, different beats and interesting silhouette paintings on the wall make this room stand on its own.

Overlooking the main floor of Marquee nightclub is a hidden, library style room offering an intimate lounge experience accentuated by a fireplace, a billiard table and vintage books whose contents delve into captivating Las Vegas history ranging from gambling to showgirls. In tribute to the tradition of classic mixology, the Library’s drink menu emphasizes specialty cocktails with a modern twist.

The variety of rooms, music and DJ’s make Marquee nightclub stand above and beyond every other Las Vegas nightclub. And if that wasn’t enough, if you’re ready to party during the day, Marquee Dayclub extends the energy and excitement of Marquee nightclub to the outdoors, embracing sunny days on the Las Vegas Strip with a lavish, adults-only offering for the spring and summer season. Marquee Las Vegas’ dayclub spans 22,000 square feet and boasts two pools, several bars and a gaming area. Once again, world-class DJ residencies highlight the music.

Marquee Dayclub is the ultimate day to night offering where you will discover the exclusive cabanas and bungalows dotting the perimeter of the Dayclub, complete with overnight quarters, individual pools and an open-air party deck where you can enjoy Las Vegas bottle service or signature cocktails from Marquee Las Vegas mixologists.

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday starting at 10 p.m. while Marquee Dayclub is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Table / Bottle Service

Marquee Nightclub | Las Vegas, NV

Testimonials from people who used our service to get into Marquee:


Jeff M ”J-Mar”,

I just wanted to send an email and thank you for your help and the service of your colleagues this weekend. My buddies any I had a great time, and anytime I go to Vegas I will be planning my events through you, and will let anyone I know to book through you.

Thanks again!
Rob M. NY 06/09-06/11

- Rob M, New York


Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the help with the trip. Had a really good weekend and Marquee was the standout. Had a few issues at XS and one of the guys had their iPhone dipped unfortunately.
Best Darren S

- Darren S


Hi Terry, Voodoo was great and Marquee even better. Thanks very much for your help.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jose M, london U.K

- Jose M, london UK


Hi Terry
Just a note to say a huge thank you for last night - to say that we had a great table would be an understatement and Marquee was epic! So glad you didn't let me swap!! Anyway, thanks for looking after us again on this trip, I will be in touch when we hit town again.
Cheers Guy

- Guy W, London UK

Weekend of October 9, 2015

Hi Terry/team,
Recently came back from 10 days in Vegas and once again wanted to send you my appreciation for your services. This is the 3rd time we have used you (my mate Elliot did all the organising) and will no doubt be contacting you again next year. Have also recommended you to plenty of my colleagues. Big thanks to Kip for hosting us on most of the nights and also for getting us a prime table at Omnia on one of the Saturdays for Nicky Romero.


- Jason L, London UK

Weekend of August 14, 2015

Terry, Just wanted to say thanks for your help and that we all had an awesome time, the tables/daybeds were excellent and the Marquee table was definitely worth the upgrade. Will contact you next time we are going. Thanks again

- Brad H, London

Weekend of June 25, 2015

Thank you Annie for all your help making our Vegas trip perfect. Huge credit to you and all the hosts.

- Chet M, UK

Weekend of June 11 2015

Terry / Annie,

Thanks again for a great week in Las Vegas, all the lads enjoyed the trip! hopefully were be back soon!
All the best, will keep in touch and will recommend you guys.


- Jack P, UK

Weekend of May 28-30, 2015

Hey Steve

I just wanted to write and say one last big thank you. We had an absolute ball over there and a lot of it thanks to you. So thank you again my friend and I’ll definitely look you up when we plan our next crazy journey...!


- Walt C, AUS

Weekend of May 15, 2015

T, just wanted to say thanks for all you and your guys did for us. Vegas was awesome, possibly one of the best ones yet. Really appreciate the help with the UFC ticket as well, was in a really good location.

- Lee Mm UK

Weekend of May 5, 2015

Hi Annie,

Hope your well, reality setting in now as we head back home, just wanted to say a final thank you and the rest of the red carpet crew! We've had a brill time and we will use your service again, everything was great and its been a pleasure 🙂

- Danny M, UK

Weekend of May 8, 2015

Hi Matt,

Thanks again for your help, we are having an epic time and I definitely plan on recommending you and your company. XS was great last night and Marquee was insane.

- Justin

Weekend of April 17, 2015

Thanks Terry for being a great organizer and host! And to all the RED CARPET TEAM!! Everything went smoothly. Great table positions good hosts! Nice one. I'm back next year for my own bachelor party so sure to be in touch!!

- Priyesh P, London, UK

Weekend of April 3, 2015

Hey Terry, just to let you know some other people we know have heard how good our time was in Vegas and what you sorted out for us. I've given your number to them so expect a call. And us boys haven't stopped talking about what a great time we had out there, thanks again for sorting it all out!

- James R, London, UK

Weekend of March 20, 2015

Hi Terry,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the groups while in Vegas – you were a great support and the service was fantastic. I would highly recommend to anyone.

- Katie H, UK

Weekend of March 6, 2015

Hey Jeff M. “J-Mar”

Your service was excellent and you have a client for life!
Will definitely leave a glowing review on yelp.

P.S. Party bus beats limo any day!

- Tuli D. TX 2/28

Weekend of February 28, 2015

Terry, thanks for your help! We had a great time.

- Stefan W, London UK

Weekend of February 28, 2015

Hey Matt, we had a great time ! the hosts we had were great, so nice !


- Kelsey G

Weekend of February 12, 2015

Terry, I have already recommended you and your service! As with most things in life you get experience after the event and so looking back at Marquee and Lavo Brunch the concept of just getting in to these venues on a weekend is now understood to be critical! I will be back to Vegas with Red Carpet with my lads when they turn 21 and will take a table next to the dance floor in XS which we missed (and just as well we did) – if Viney, Rich and Huw want to come along with their lads then even better...As for stories then the last 90 mins at Marquee was f*cking brilliant with us making friends with the whole crowd as well as Viney making friends with gangster "Mr Chow and his nephew" in his booth when the crowd were all moved toward the main floor – the vodka was flowing and we were dancing big time on the ledges, chairs, floor – stunning! As for Lavo – there was a slow start and the first lady to greet us wasn’t on her game – then came our top host bloke (Casius – not his name but it did begin with a C !) who took control and laid the next 5 hours out for us. The rest , as they say, is history – simply awesome – we rung it dry!

- Richard C, UK

Weekend of October 18 - 20, 2013

J-Mar, I had an AMAZING time. The hosts were easy to reach/find and made our trip so smooth. Marquee & Surrender were beautiful venues and we partied our faces off! Wouldn't have been possible without you, Jeff. Much appreciated and will 100% recommend (as I've already said to several people back here in NYC) everyone whom I know planning a Vegas trip to reach out and coordinate with you. Best!

- Jennifer P, New York

Weekend of June 21 - 23, 2013

Made it back to the UK last night. Thanks for hooking us up, Terry. Please also extend my regards to the Hakkasan and Marquee host, I think his name was Kyle. Made everything run smooth.

- Guarav S, UK

Weekend of June 21 - 23, 2013

Hey Guys, Just wanna say a very big thank you for making my first weekend in Vegas rock. I must say I was totally impressed by how effortlessly everything went and I had a very wonderful time especially at the Marquee. Once again a very big thank you to John, Gabe and Annie for all you wonderful services and I'll most definitely be using you guys again on my next visit here.

- Charles U, UK

Weekend of March 8 - 10, 2013

Hi Annie, Terry and everyone at Red Carpet VIP. What can I say? You guys did a superb job planning our girl's Vegas birthday bash! All of you were just wonderful to us, including the limo drivers and the security guys. The girls had a blast and will remember this time shared with each other forever! My husband and I had a great time too. Thank you so much.

- Anjni P, Florida

Weekend of February 15 - 17, 2013

Hey Jeff M (J-Mar), Just wanted to thank you for all your help with our night at MARQUEE. We had SOOO much fun and Andre was very nice 🙂 hope I get to come to Vegas again and will for sure be going through you again!! Thanks!

- Beth L, Michigan

Weekend of February 8 - 10, 2013

We actually went to 2 clubs with you guys (Steve set us up)! Marquee - Benny benassi and XS with AVICII...Both amazing experiences! Thanks very much!

- Andre P, Florida

Weekend of February 1 - 3, 2013

Terry from RCVIP was a true gentleman and very professional to work with. He set up my Brother's Bachelor Party in October, 2012. The Hostess for our big night was great and we had no issue with the table or entry to Marquee . I would absolutely use them again the next time I am partying in Vegas!

- Jason R, Florida

Weekend of October 19 - 21, 2012

4 nights in Vegas and definitely a VIP experience. Many thanks to Red Carpet VIP, especially Jeff Martin and the different hosts who looked after us. Would highly recommend you to others, as your service in all aspects was flawless. Having been to Vegas in 2011, I wasn't too sure how the company would benefit us but one thing's for sure, it definitely did. The tables in each club were the best ones with faultless service and the hosts who met us before every night had set everything up for the respective nights. The hosts were very prompt in calling us every evening to confirm what bottles we required and a meeting point. I think the highlight for us 6 guys was turning up to Marquee (Cosmopolitan) on Saturday night where we saw a line of people over a mile long waiting to get in. However the host, who was obviously known to the club, was able to simply get us in without hassle within minutes, leaving the rest of the line wondering how we had managed to skip the madness of the line!! Tremendous!!! Will be visiting again next year and no surprise in saying we will be partying the VIP way again! Jeff we have your details, expect our call !!!!

- Manoj P, UK

Weekend of October 12 - 14, 2012

Red Carpet VIP is the best. The bachelor party went off without any issues and we were very impressed with the service we got for both Friday and Saturday nights. I would like to especially thanks Jeff for working out the best situation for us when we had more people added to the party a week prior to the weekend. We will definitely use Red Carpet again when we have another man down, I mean happily engaged. All the VIP hosts at Marquee and XS were great where we walked in to our tables with no problem whatsoever. I've already recommended Red Carpet VIP to another friend after this experience.

- Charlie V, CA

Weekend of October 12 - 14, 2012

I just wanted to thank you and all the guys for making this the best ever trip to Vegas. My liver is a little battered but I guess that means we had a great time. Marquee was amazing. We met some English guys who paid double what our table cost and it was nowhere near as good as ours, so appreciated. We are planning in a return trip next year so will definitely use you guys again!

- Nikki W, UK

Weekend of September 14 - 16, 2012

Hey Jeff M (Jmar). Just wanted to thank you for organizing marquee for me and Sean it was definitely the highlight of the holiday! Apologies we didn't make wet republic, we were suffering after the Friday night. Anyway hope you are well and I will see you next year. Thanks.

- Mark, UK

Weekend of September 30-October 2, 2011

Let me start off by bowing down and praising Jeremy K. of RED CARPET VIP for the most EPIC weekend in SIN CITY! This is my first YELP ever and the only reason why I am Yelping is because I cannot get over how great Jeremy and Red Carpet VIP are. As the MOH I had to plan a bachelorette party on Labor Day weekend in Sin City for 33 girls (yeah that right there would drive anyone crazy) and I wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong. I knew I was not going to be able to pull this off without going thru an event planning company and after hearing several horror stories I was very weary of getting ripped off. To make sure I was getting the best deal possible I also called several other companies and people to compare and nothing came close to what Jeremy offered us. Some places would say they can't get us in certain clubs or they won't know the exact prices until two weeks before or they don't know what table we were going to get and I was NOT having that since Labor Day weekend was one of the biggest weekends and my group was huge. Not once did Jeremy say we can't get you in there or that's not possible; EVERYTHING and ANYTHING was possible if you go thru Red Carpet VIP. From the moment I contact Red Carpet VIP I felt nothing short of being just that VIP. I worked with Jeremy for 6 months on prices and clubs that everyone in my group would agree to and that was no easy task. But Jeremy hooked us up! He didn't sound phased at how big our group was and worked out every detail from limo pick-ups, to the best clubs that would accommodate the size of group, to table location and the type of drinks we were going to get. NOTHING WAS LEFT OUT! The absolute best thing about RED CARPET VIP was the online payments. Thank God I did not have to collect payments from 33 girls! Once we got there we did not have to wait in the massive lines especially MARQUEE (Marquee had about 5 lines no joke) and I did not once pull out any money or my credit cards when Jeremy said all I had to bring was my ID he was not lying. Everything from the cover to the table and drinks, tax and tip was included! I definitely recommend using RED CARPET VIP and of course ask for JEREMY K. He is the best ever!!!!!!! Woooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

- Joy, California

Weekend of September 2-4, 2011

Hey Jeff M “J-Mar”
Last night was amazing!! Thank you so much to you and Andre for sorting us out! Great night!
Thanks again
Polly UK

- Polly, London UK