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A Truly Unique Vegas Experience at the Pro Gun Club

A Truly Unique Vegas Experience at the Pro Gun Club

Have you been to a gun range lately? If so, you most likely were indoors shooting at paper targets for a bit and calling it a day. While that is fun and easy to do, with a cool 30 minute drive you can experience one of the most unique experiences in Las Vegas at the Pro Gun Club and make it back in time for dinner and a night out at a Las Vegas Nightclub.

The Pro Gun Club is a 163 acre shooting range with everything a gun guy (or gal) could ask for. Not only can you take advantage of their 1 mile, 21 station clay pigeon range but you can shoot a 50 caliber turret mounted machine gun from a Humvee! Have you ever wanted to blow up a car???  At Pro Gun Club, you can make that happen!

With an unbelievable assortment of guns, limo pick ups from the strip and a fantastic staff, the Pro Gun Club will make sure your experience is an unforgettable one. Best of all, Red Carpet VIP can help you get the whole thing set up! Just give us a call and ask about the Pro Gun Club, we have all kinds of deals on great packages.

Check out this awesome video filmed recently at the Pro Gun Club – CLICK HERE

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