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Insider Tips for Las Vegas Dayclubs

Insider Tips for Las Vegas Dayclubs

Las Vegas Insider Tips for Day Clubs

las vegas liquid pool lounge pool party with bottle girlsLas Vegas is known for many things: time to catch a live show, a fun time at the casinos, hitting the Vegas nightclubs, and explore the surrounding attractions off the strip. During the summer, however, Vegas is especially known for something else—pool time at the Las Vegas day clubs! Typically open from March to October, Vegas day clubs come in all types of styles, music selections, and atmospheres. Sit back poolside with a refreshing cocktail and listen to the hottest DJ selections Las Vegas has to offer. There are some things to consider when going to a Las Vegas pool party. Here are some tips when going to a Las Vegas day club that will make your experience the best!

What you Should Prepare for When Going to a Vegas Day Club

Heading to one of Las Vegas’ Pool Parties does require some leg work before heading out. There are usually capacity limits, so the best way to guarantee your entry would be to work with a booking service or club host to get your name on their list. You also want to make sure you pick a day club that will be playing music you like. If you’re a Top 40s lover, you may not want to spend your day at a club that features house music.
Time to pack your bag! We probably don’t have to remind you, but just in case, pack your sunscreen and don’t forget your ID. Ideally, the smaller the bag the better. Make sure you start drinking water before and during your time at the Las Vegas pool party in order to not get sick from the heat and alcohol!

What to Expect When Going to a Vegas Pool Party

Book in advance to guarantee a good spot in the venue during a big event weekend. If you are with a large group, it may be worth splitting the cost of a cabana. If you are doing general admission, make sure you get there early to avoid long lines and possibly snag a spot on the edge of the pool with some shade. Travel with Red Carpet and skip the lines all together!
To save some money, ladies may be able to receive free drinks if they arrive before a certain time. Be careful with taking too many pictures—many day clubs may not allow them so other guests can feel comfortable.

Dresscode for Vegas Day Clubs

There is mostly likely going to be a dress code to get into the day club. Vegas day club dress codes are a lot more relaxed than nighttime clubs, but you still need to dress to impress. Women can of course rock a bikini but should wear a cover up coming in and out. Some pool venues like Bare Pool Lounge allow for a topless European styled sun bathing experience.  Avoid jewelry that you may lose. It is best to were wedges and leave your heels at home. While men can enter in a t-shirt and shorts, do not expect to walk in with gym clothes and gym sneakers.

Try a Las Vegas Club Crawl

Unable to snag a day bed or cabana for the day? Instead of just going to one club, try utilizing a club crawl. Some booking agents host day club crawls so you can experience multiple club atmospheres. Enjoy different music and check out several of the hottest clubs in Vegas in just one day. Once you find a club that you like, feel free to stay and enjoy the rest of your time there. Las Vegas day clubs are a lot of fun and should not be missed when visiting Sin City! Make sure you’re prepared, bring extra sunscreen and drink tons of water, and get ready to have the best day ever!