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Thrill-Seeking Activities: Las Vegas

Thrill-Seeking Activities: Las Vegas

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-Sky Combat Ace-

 See Whats Its Like Being a Fighter Pilot


The Afterburner is full of non-stop spins, rolls loops and heart thumping action. If you have ever seen an airshow and wondered what it is like to hurtle through the air like an acrobat on steroids, then this is the ride for you! Designed to be an introduction to the thrill of aerobatic flight, this experience is a no nonsense approach that packs in a ton of wild maneuvers in a short amount of time.


Not for the faint of heart, the Top Gun Experience is designed for those who want to get serious about their aerobatic thrills. Twice as long as the Afterburner, the Top Gun experience is an interactive adventure of a lifetime.  This profile includes many of the same maneuvers as an Afterburner, but this time…  YOU FLY THE PLANE!


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a fighter pilot? Stop imagining and discover for yourself the thrill of engaging with another airplane in air-to-air combat.  This is not a simulation.  You are flying real high performance airplanes with real fighter pilots. We use a state-of-the-art optical targeting system that gives you instantaneous feedback when you get “the kill”.


Blow Sh!t Up Experience-

Purchase a Vehicle to shoot and blow it up at the end of the day!


Richard Petty Driving Experience 

Roll the dice in Las Vegas and feel the adrenaline rush behind the wheel of a 600HP NASCAR race car. The nightlife on the Las Vegas Strip may be legendary, but when the sun is up the action is always at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s top attraction, Richard Petty Driving Experience. There is no better way to complete your trip to Las Vegas than to challenge your friends and family on the track at speeds of up to 160 MPH.


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