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Booking With Red Carpet VIP

Hello from a very sunny Vegas!

We know that you are excited about your upcoming Vegas Vacation! We want to thank you for contacting Red Carpet VIP, for trusting our expertise and experience, and for considering having us assist you with your Vegas Party Plans!

You have requested information about different VIP nightclub and pool packages on the infamous Vegas strip.  Red Carpet VIP works with all major venues on the strip, options are always good!

What is Hosted Entry?

Hosted Entry gets you into the club, past the line, without table and bottle service. This is offered to groups of all size, all nights, at most venues. We don’t require even ratio groups, and can even walk your group of 10 guys in past the line.

Red Carpet VIPs Hosted Entry is a way of getting in the club, guaranteed past the lines, cover included.

Is this Different from other VIP Entry Services?

Yes!! When you search online, there are a lot of options for “VIP entry”, Guest Lists, VIP Passes, Tickets, Groupons, or just showing up, at the end of the day that just means that you are in a different line, sometimes that line is 15 minutes, sometimes that line is 2 hours.  Do your research!

Please check out what some past clients had to say – 4 ½ Stars on Yelp or Red Carpet VIP Testimonials

When is the Best Time to Book Hosted Entry for Your Events!

One of the most frequent questions that is asked to our consultants is “When do I book?”, and the best answer is… it depends on your group.

Red Carpet VIP will start sending out event emails 2 months prior to your trip, this weekly email will keep you updated with new performers, special DJs, guest hosts and the cost of getting in past the line (cover included). Once something appeals to you, just reach out to your Red Carpet VIP Consultant, or reply to the email to book.

About 2-4 weeks prior to your trip is when entry and ticket prices start moving up. For venues with big names performers, events can and do SELL OUT.  Clubs sell most entries on a tiered level, once one level is sold out, the price increases to the next tier. Nightclubs can only hold a few thousand people and the Fire Marshall does regulate the capacity, even potentially shutting the doors down until enough people leave.

Any Performers in town?

This information is usually announced 3-8 weeks prior to the actual date, depending on the venue. You can view the most up to date line up at our Red Carpet VIP Event Page

What is the Average Cost?

For Girls – Typical entries for nightclubs range from $25 – $80 per girl, depending on the venue, the DJ, and the night you go. Pools range from $40 – $100.

For Guys – Typical entries for nightclubs and pool parties range from $60 – $150, depending on the venue, the DJ, and the day/night you go.

Entry pricing for holiday weekends, major DJs and performers, and last minute bookings vary greatly and have no “norm”. Pricing is always subject to change and club management.

What about Table and Bottle Service?

Table and Bottle Service in Vegas

Remember this is Vegas! Clubs make an average of $60-$80 MILLION PER YEAR, table and bottle service is not cheap.  The general rule is 1 bottle for every 3-4 guys, or 5-6 girls but most clubs require a 2 bottle minimum regardless of how small your group is. Now, where is your table? The more money you spend, the better the location in the club.

Red Carpet VIP Prices are all inclusive of taxes, gratuity to the wait staff, showing up when you want, and skipping the line. There are no other costs on top of this. The least expensive daybed or table offered with Red Carpet VIP is $785 (for 2 bottles, all inclusive), the average cost for 2 bottles at clubs or pools is between $1200-$1700, mega clubs and pools like Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, Marquee, XS, Hakkasan, and Light you can expect tables to start around $2000-$2500 (for $1000+tabs, all inclusive)

For more information on all inclusive pricing in Vegas please check out our Taxes, Tips, and Location page

What is the Best Party to be at?

That depends on your group – Red Carpet VIP Club Guide

There are a lot of factors going into choosing the best club on the best night. Its easy if there is a DJ/Performer you want to see. The club guide will answer questions about its most popular nights, what type of music is played, and the atmosphere.  There are over 25 venues to choose from, we can always share a few minutes about options.

Do we have to be there at a certain time?

Night Clubs – No, but we recommend arriving between 11 – 11:45pm. Most nightclubs open 9:30 – 10:30 at night. Typically it takes about an hour for the club to fill up as they slowly let people in. Fire Marshals do come in and close the doors when a club/pool hits capacity. That typically happens between 12 and 12:30 when a major DJ or Performer is there.  Parties go until 4-6am.

Pools – Pool parties open up between 10 and 11am on weekends, and go until about 6ish depending on the DJ, if you show up after 2, you are missing the party. Pools will hit capacity much faster than the clubs for major DJS, we recommend showing up by 2pm if you have a daybed/cabana, or 1pm if doing entries (when a major DJ is performing, we recommend everyone arrive by 1pm)

What about Booking and Payment?

We send out a contract, in writing, of the services you have booked. Once you are booked, you receive an email with the credit card receipt, the contract, payment links if applicable, and an e-sign for your approval.

For entries, you pay fully in advanced. The payment methods and due dates vary based on the club you choose and how far in advanced you book. To help make your life easier, we have payment links so each person can pay individually. For clubs with big performers and DJs (especially close to the party date), payment links are not always available, then payment needs to be made in full at the time of booking to secure pricing.

Then What?

You relax and get ready for Vegas! You will receive a confirmation email the week of your trip. It will reconfirm all plans, the best contact number, and give you further instructions about when your host will contact you.

For Nightclubs – Your host will call/text you around 7pm. Your host will give you more information about the club that night and set up a place to meet. From there, simply call or text the host that called you earlier in the evening to let them know you are on your way, the host will be at the meeting spot waiting for you.

For Pools – Your host will text you around 10am. Your host will give you more information about the pool that day and set up a place to meet. From there, simply call or text the host that called you earlier to let them know you are on your way, the host will be at the meeting spot waiting for you.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Red Carpet VIP is here to make sure that you experience the best parties, on the best night, best matched with your group. We work with all the major venues in town! If you are available now to share a few minutes about options, please call  888-VIP-NITE (847-6483) to share 5-10 minutes about your plans.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas soon!