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Dig This! – Bulldozers and Excavators!

Ready to destroy things during your next Vegas vacation?  Dig This! is a great new adventure that ensures everyone in your group has a great experience trying something new in Las Vegas!  

What Do You Do at Dig This?!


Choose your weapon! When you book, choose between a fullyCLIMATE-CONTROLLED Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozer, or a Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavator:
Sample Bulldozer Exercises:
Build huge mounds
Push gigantic tires
Teeter-Totter over a mega mound
Sample Excavator Exercises:
Dig gigantic trenches
Stack 2,000 pound tires
Play “Bucket Basketball”


When you tackle the controls of our massive machines, we want to make sure that you are safe at all times. That’s why it is important that we start each session with a quick overview of the safety procedures that we will require you to follow while digging. After you pass the breathalyzer test, you get fitted for your super-cool neon yellow vest and hardhat! (Beware! Your Dig is non-refundable if you fail the breathalyzer test).


The words “Get A Grip” take on new meaning at Dig This when you’re seated at the helm of our giant earth movers. Our instructors will walk you through every lever, button, and thing-a-majig that you’ll need to know to maneuver our machines with the grace of a ballerina. After just a short time of in-cab training, you will have the confidence it takes to get to the business of play.


Wheeling these bad-boy machines around the yard might take some baby steps to get fully comfortable. So we’ve designed a series of warm up exercises to get you digging like a champ. You will be connected via headset to our instructors at all times so that you can operate smoothly, under the watchful eyes of our crew. From here you will be digging, trenching, pushing, and dragging your haul around the lot in no time.


Now that you’re a pro at the basic operation of the machine, our staff will guide you through a series of activities to test your skills. Ever played a game of “Excavator Basketball,” or built and ridden your own “Bulldozer Teeter-Totter?” Well, after your Dig This experience, you can say you have. Our specially planned activities are designed to put the FUN back in fundamentals.


Yep, just like recess at school, it’s time to set you loose. Tear, dig, rip, claw, grind, and drive to your heart’s content (under the watchful eye of our instructors, of course). Is there something you’ve always wanted to see these machines do, up close, and personal? Well here’s your chance during the free time segment of the Dig This experience. If you don’t have sore cheeks from smiling, and tired abdominal muscles from laughing after this phase of the game, then you’re not trying hard enough.


You worked hard and have proven your skills behind the controls of America’s most powerful machines. Now it’s time to celebrate with an official Certificate of Completion, and a photo opportunity to commemorate this joyous occasion. Hang your plaque with pride. Boast about your achievement for years to come. You’ve earned it!

Red Carpet VIP can book your next Dig This! experience direct.  Shuttles are available and pricing starts at $125/pp