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Why Red Carpet VIP ?

There are many companies to choose from, some that are reputable and some that are not. If you look into it, many companies you may find have only one or two employees and work out of their house. They may … Continue reading

If I am getting table service can’t I just reserve a table directly from the nightclub on my own?

Nightclubs do take reservations directly from the customers but make sure you understand how this differs from VIP Hosted service. If you book on your own: You will be assigned a VIP host from the club but you will not … Continue reading

Why don’t you list package prices?

Virtually every package we create is customized for each individual client. Because each group is different, we feel that their package should be as well. We customize our packages to ensure that every party is planned with consideration for the … Continue reading

When should I make my reservation by?

The sooner you book the quicker you will be locked in on a certain date. Many of our reservations are booked up to a year in advance, because rates are better and our top VIP Hosts are requested. More often … Continue reading

Which nightclubs are the best?

There are many outstanding clubs to choose from, so it really depends on personal preference. Music choice, atmosphere, vibe, ambiance and budget all play a role in picking a club that’s right for you and your party. You may notice … Continue reading

Can’t I just use VIP passes?

In the case of VIP passes, “VIP” often means if you get to the cashier by 11 or 12pm, then you may receive free entry or reduced admission. You still have to stand in the longest line they have and … Continue reading

Why do I need a VIP Host in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is based upon relationships and money. If you know who to talk to and know what to say, you may be able to gain access to some of the hot spots of Vegas on your own. But be … Continue reading

What is VIP Hosting Service?

VIP hosting is when a VIP Host escorts your group past the lines (even the VIP line and bottle line) and into the hottest venues in Vegas. Your VIP Host can be available for whatever your needs may be throughout … Continue reading