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Red Carpet VIP

“Split The Bill” Option makes splitting the tab simple, with no risk.

You don’t have to lay your credit card down at the club and find out at the end of the night that you spent more than anticipated.

* You don’t have to play group police man in trying to get your money back from good friends who might be weird about money,
saying things like:

1. “I hardly drank that much”
2. “I only agreed to pay this much, who ordered that last bottle?”
3. “Who invited that big group of girls over?”
4. “Who ordered those shots?”
5. “I reached my daily limit at the atm/cash point today already, can I get it back to you another time?”

You’re able to show up to the venues later since you have a Red Carpet VIP host to text upon arrival for personal walk in service with or without a table.

You know that you’re at the table or in the room or area of the venue you wanted and can’t get bumped since we’re paying on your behalf before the venues open.

How Does it Work?

Each person clicks on the link, selects their own name, pays their own share, a check mark appears next to their name, and credit card receipt gets sent automatically. At any time if you want to see who’s paid and who hasn’t, you simply click on the link!

3 Easy Steps

(1) Communicate the budget ranges or venues of interest to your assigned VIP specialist so we know which options to email for review with your friends. Choose the services, parties and events you want sorted.

(2) Email names of party members across to us indicating if everyone’s paying the same or if some people only participating in some events.

(3) We’ll send you a personalised group payment link.


Payment Options

SPLIT THE BILL: Start the pre-splitting process by selecting your group size! You’re not booked until your full party has completed all payments. Here are the payment options we offer. Split the Bill – SAMPLE VIEW or Pay in Full.

Other Payment Options Include: Cash at our offices near Wynn Resorts, Wire money across, just ask for our wiring instructions or Use of 1 or multiple credit cards.