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2021 Guide to Elia Beach Club in Las Vegas

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2021 Guide to Elia Beach Club in Las Vegas

Drawing inspiration from its namesake Elia Mykonos Resort (Greece), the Elia Beach Club – Virgin Hotel Las Vegas is a sleek tropical destination. The new day club overlooks a Mediterranean-colored pool. It is designed with Mykonos-inspired décor of mixed rugs, wood frames and draped fabric, stonework accents, and potted flowers. Everything from the photographic backdrop, light fixtures, tropical pool atmospheres to the musical focus and notable DJs and performers at the beach house make for the ultimate getaway destination. Elia Beach Club is currently the best Vegas beach club.

Formerly known as Hard Rock and Rehab pool of the Hard Rock Hotel, Elia Beach Club was debuted on June 11th following a $200 million renovation to become the new Virgin Hotel. Hard Rock Hotel closed in 2018 after 26 years of having a reigning contender in top party spots in Las Vegas for 26 years. Elia Beach Club is part of the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Curio Collection.

The Elias Beach Club, located at 4455 Paradise Rd in NV 89169 Las Vegas, is part of a new expansion launch by virgin group founder Richard Branson. The beach club is a global destination under an internationally coveted Virgin Hotels brand. Elia Beach Club is open starting at noon on Friday and Sunday, Saturday at 11:00 am and closes at 7 pm.

How much is the cover charge at Elia Beach Club?

The cover charge at Elia Beach Club may vary depending on the event. The general admission cover charge at the entrance is $30 to $75 for men and $20 to $50 for ladies. The costs may be higher when special events and holidays like New Year’s Eve, hosting big-name DJs, 4th of July, and Labor Day. The same goes for nights with tickets. Be sure to buy your pass in advance if you do not have prior table reservations. It will guarantee entry. 

How long is the delay in getting in?

The wait to get into Elia Beach Club Vegas will take around 20-30 minutes. But, of course, during holidays and special events, the wait is longer. 

What are the best days to go to Elia Beach Club?

If you plan to mingle with good vibes, good-looking crowds, and the occasional headlining DJ, Saturday is the best day to go to Elia Beach ClubCheck the schedule for the best days to go and upcoming events.  

What is the dress code for Elia Beach Club?

There is no need to think long and hard about what to wear when going to Elia Beach Club. Throw on your “going to the pool” attire, be ready to enjoy your day at the beach club. The trick is to dress like you are about to get into the water. Wear swimming attire like bikinis, board shorts, bathing suits instead of street or work clothes. Some fashion items like athletic gear, cargo shorts, chains, offensive prints, jeans, three-piece suits, cut-off or torn clothing, pants, and see-through bathing suits are not allowed inside. 

What type of music does Elia Beach Club play?

Virgin Hotel’s Elia Beach Club has a beautifully designed straw-thatched stage which represents its focus on music performances.  

I: Type of Music 

The venue focuses on all genres of house music; tropical house, deep house, world house, and EDM. The mindset of escape, relaxation, dancing, and good vibes the musical focus creates are different from any other in Vegas with their international beach life inspiration. 

II: Resident DJs

The beach club has top music DJs to represent its international vibe to match its deep, tropical, world house and EDM music. The list is ever-changing; however, the current resident DJs include; Coast club, Lane 8, Laidback Luke, Loco Dice, Sofi Tukker, SNBRN, Deadmau5, Nic Fanciulli. The venue’s beautifully designed stage is a focal point to the setting 

III: Popular Upcoming Events 

With the opening of Virgin Hotel’s Beach Club came many new and exciting pool events; most weekends in 2021 are covered. These are some of the famous upcoming events at Elia Beach Club: 

  • Goldfish on Friday, August 27th2021
  • Sultan + Shepherd on Saturday, August 28th, 2021 
  • Morgan Page on Sunday, August, 29th 2021
  • SNBRN on Sunday, September 5th, 2021
  • Goldfish on Monday, September 6th, 2021
  • BYNON on Friday, September 10th, 2021
  • Sofi Tukker on Saturday, September 11th, 2021
  • Hook n Sling on Sunday, September 12th, 2021
  • Special Guest on Friday, September 17th, 2021
  • TroyBoi on Saturday, September 18th, 2021
  • Sigala on Sunday, September 19th, 2021
  • Sultan + Shepherd on Friday, September 24th, 2021
  • Loco Dice on Saturday, September 25th, 2021
  • Kilingande on Sunday, September 26th, 2021
  • Sigala on Friday, October 1st, 2021

See our Elia Beach Club event calendar for all Elia Beach Club upcoming events.

How much is a drink at Elia Beach Club?

If you plan to buy drinks at the bar, each glass will cost you around 16 to 20 dollars. Beers are 12 dollars and shot 10 dollars. If you opt for bottle service, you can book a table for four at the bare minimum of 500 dollars. The pricing for bottle service will vary depending on the number of people.  las vegas dayclub elia beach club pool beds and stage thumbnail

What is the best table setting at Elia Beach Club?

Premium VIP cabanas and Stage Tables are considered the best-located tables at the venue. These tables will cost you a minimum of $5000, and stage tables will cost $10,000 upwards. The flow plan of the cabanas places the guests in an elevated position where they can enjoy feeling like they are one with the performances. Many people also love the freedom and ambiance at the daybeds by the Mediterranean-colored pool. Every guest is bound to receive an exclusive feel both at the cabana and pool level. Elia Beach Club offers an accessible and welcoming experience for each guest. 

Note: A table location like the stage may require approval from the venue since they tend to be in high demand. 

Other relevant information you should know…

Due to current global health concerns, all guests must wear a face mask while inside Elia Beach Club – Virgin Hotels.  

See our Travel Red Carpet Event Calendar for all upcoming Las Vegas Events.

Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Encore Beach Club

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Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Encore Beach Club

Las Vegas Insider Tips for Day Clubs


las vegas liquid pool lounge pool party with bottle girlsEncore Beach Club (commonly known as EBC) is unquestionably one of the best in the world. The absolute best pool parties Vegas. The beach club has world-class DJs (including the Chainsmokers), exquisite bungalows and cabanas, and lavish bottle service presentations. Additionally, it draws a sizable crowd. 

Encore Beach Club does not have a beach or any sand to be found. The pools at Wynn and Encore, on the other hand, are vast and inspired by the South of France, and they are intended as a daytime alternative to the nightclubs at Wynn and Encore. People are moving in and out of the water every weekend because DJs like as AfroJack, Major Lazar, and Alesso are among the most well-known on the international stage. 

The oval-shaped pool deck is surrounded by a dense grove of palm trees. It features bright-red daybeds and a vibrant-red fountain. 

Where is Encore Beach Club? 

It is located at 3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard, Strip Side of Encore Resort (also easily accessible from Wynn).If you’re inside Wynn follow the signs to Encore, then Encore Beach Club.Tip: If arriving with your own vehicle, park on the 2nd floor of Wynn’s Main Parking Garage. Then cross the bridge to EBC’s entrance. 


When is Encore Beach Club opening?

The pool opens in March and closes in September. If the weather is kind, it may be extended through October. 


What are the Encore Beach Club Timings?

Encore Beach Club is available from 11am to 6pm on Thursdays through Sundays. Average wait times range from 45 minutes to two hours on Fridays, Sundays, and Saturdays. Red Carpet can help you skip those lines.


What is Encore Beach Club’s Cover Charge? 

Encore Beach Club covers $30 for ladies and $60 per man. Holiday weekends and special guest performers are subject to a higher price. For $150, you can expedite the line. It is definitely worth it on a Saturday, or a day when The Chainsmokers are performing. 


Encore Beach Club is known for playing a variety of music.

Expect to hear EDM, house and other music. This season, they are featuring top talent such as Kygo, The Chainsmokers, and David Guetta. 


What are the Encore Beach Club Drink Prices?

Mixed drinks and cocktails start from $18, Beers $12, Shots 15% 

Where is the best cabana spot?

The most luxurious and expensive bungalows are located on the lowest levels. You can also choose to stay at the lower cabanas located on the first floor. You can also choose a day bed, or couch, for a much cheaper option. 

  • Dress Code 

Encore Beach Club has a simple dress code: wear swimwear. While cover-ups are permitted, you must wear a bathing suit underneath. Even though you can wear any shoe, avoid Nikes and Jordans. 

You’ll need to be mindful of some prohibited items. You should not wear shorts, jerseys and jeans, as well as pants, undergarments and torn or cut off clothes. 

A sports team logo is also something you want to avoid. 

  • Tickets 

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas tickets should be purchased directly from the site. You can also purchase tickets online before you go, as ticket prices are typically much higher at the gate. 

What You Get with a Bottle Service Reservation 

All Encore Beach Club bottle services reservations include these benefits 

  • VIP expedited entry for free 
  • Special table with seating to accommodate the entire day 
  • Most tables have storage and safes 
  • Unlimited mixers (juices or tonic water). 
  • Food and beverage service 
  • Cocktail server 
  • Busser 
  • Security personnel 

You’ll also get a cabana (or bungalow) reservation that includes a flat-screen TV and refrigerator. A lower-level bungalow reservation can be added to a shared private pool. 

Encore Beach Club’s Best Table Locations

The most frequently asked question we receive is “Where are the best Encore Beach Club tables?” A cabana or bungalow may be a better option if you do not have a tight budget. Each option offers a wide range of amenities. 

Luxury cabanas

For shallow water, there are seats designed like lily pads, and shower poles that look like pagodas. 

Eight private bungalows offer your swim an even more personal experience. They boast breathtaking views of The Strip, as well as private swimming pools, showers, and air conditioning. 

Eight blackjack tables, a full-service grill, and plenty of opportunities to people-watch can be found here. 

After the partying is over, you can run straight to the beach hotel around 10:30 p.m. to rest your weary bones and relax. A 90-foot metallic snake bar serves as the focal point of the nightclub. 

Cabana vs. Bungalow

One of the coolest things about cabanas, bungalows and condos is the fact that they open onto The Strip. This allows you to enjoy the views while having fun at the same time. There are also daybeds available for you to use that are situated out front. If you are hosting a party with large groups or invite others to join you, having additional seating is a plus. 

However, the Encore Beach Club Bungalows are larger than cabanas. If space is important, you will want to book a bungalow. 

Also, the only table option at the venue with a private swimming pool is the lower-level bungalows. A cabana is not equipped with a VIP bathroom, so you won’t be able to use it as an alternative. 

Encore Beach Club – Best Value Table Locations

Encore Beach Club is one the most costly beach clubs in Las Vegas. The average table service price starts at $250-$500 higher than the rest of the clubs. You can also order bottles from the bar. 

The beach couches are the best option if you want the lowest priced table option. They typically have a minimum spend of $1,000 on Fridays. The prices are generally higher on Saturdays or Sundays. 

Best combination of price and location

We love the lily pad because they offer the best balance of price and location. There’s nothing like wading into a glass of bubbly and enjoying the view. 

The umbrellas that come with the lily pads are also available. This will allow you to escape the heat of Vegas between the pool and the shade provided by the umbrella. But there is one important thing you need to know about lily pads. The truth is that you cannot eat at your table. 

Insider Tips for Las Vegas Dayclubs

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Insider Tips for Las Vegas Dayclubs

Las Vegas Insider Tips for Day Clubs

las vegas liquid pool lounge pool party with bottle girlsLas Vegas is known for many things: time to catch a live show, a fun time at the casinos, hitting the Vegas nightclubs, and explore the surrounding attractions off the strip. During the summer, however, Vegas is especially known for something else—pool time at the Las Vegas day clubs! Typically open from March to October, Vegas day clubs come in all types of styles, music selections, and atmospheres. Sit back poolside with a refreshing cocktail and listen to the hottest DJ selections Las Vegas has to offer. There are some things to consider when going to a Las Vegas pool party. Here are some tips when going to a Las Vegas day club that will make your experience the best!

What you Should Prepare for When Going to a Vegas Day Club

Heading to one of Las Vegas’ Pool Parties does require some leg work before heading out. There are usually capacity limits, so the best way to guarantee your entry would be to work with a booking service or club host to get your name on their list. You also want to make sure you pick a day club that will be playing music you like. If you’re a Top 40s lover, you may not want to spend your day at a club that features house music.
Time to pack your bag! We probably don’t have to remind you, but just in case, pack your sunscreen and don’t forget your ID. Ideally, the smaller the bag the better. Make sure you start drinking water before and during your time at the Las Vegas pool party in order to not get sick from the heat and alcohol!

What to Expect When Going to a Vegas Pool Party

Book in advance to guarantee a good spot in the venue during a big event weekend. If you are with a large group, it may be worth splitting the cost of a cabana. If you are doing general admission, make sure you get there early to avoid long lines and possibly snag a spot on the edge of the pool with some shade. Travel with Red Carpet and skip the lines all together!
To save some money, ladies may be able to receive free drinks if they arrive before a certain time. Be careful with taking too many pictures—many day clubs may not allow them so other guests can feel comfortable.

Dresscode for Vegas Day Clubs

There is mostly likely going to be a dress code to get into the day club. Vegas day club dress codes are a lot more relaxed than nighttime clubs, but you still need to dress to impress. Women can of course rock a bikini but should wear a cover up coming in and out. Some pool venues like Bare Pool Lounge allow for a topless European styled sun bathing experience.  Avoid jewelry that you may lose. It is best to were wedges and leave your heels at home. While men can enter in a t-shirt and shorts, do not expect to walk in with gym clothes and gym sneakers.

Try a Las Vegas Club Crawl

Unable to snag a day bed or cabana for the day? Instead of just going to one club, try utilizing a club crawl. Some booking agents host day club crawls so you can experience multiple club atmospheres. Enjoy different music and check out several of the hottest clubs in Vegas in just one day. Once you find a club that you like, feel free to stay and enjoy the rest of your time there. Las Vegas day clubs are a lot of fun and should not be missed when visiting Sin City! Make sure you’re prepared, bring extra sunscreen and drink tons of water, and get ready to have the best day ever!

What To Do In Vegas For 4th of July 2021

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What To Do In Vegas For 4th of July 2021

As most travel destinations begin to open, and tourism is at an all-time high, you may be asking “Where should I celebrate 4th of July?”  4th of July in Las Vegas is the perfect place to escape and celebrate the holiday at the top pool parties and nightclubs in the world!  

With Las Vegas officially open to 100%, there’s nothing quite like celebrating Independence Day in Las Vegas. Fourth of July falls on a Sunday this year, so expect the weekend festivities to begin on Friday the 2nd and last all weekend long.  We’ve compiled a list of the top activities to do in Las Vegas on 4th of July weekend. Pack your bags, it’s going to be an unforgettable weekend!  


Friday July 2nd

AYU Dayclub w/ Madison Beer 

Encore Beach Club w/ Alesso

Wet Republic w/ DJ Shift  

Marquee Dayclub w/ Mike Attack 

Daylight Beach w/ E-Rock 

Drais Beach w/ Special Guest 

Saturday July 3rd

Ayu Dayclub w/ Tiesto

Encore Beachclub w/ Kygo 

Marquee Dayclub w/ DJ Mustard

Wet Republic w/ Kaskade 

Drais Beach w/ Special Guest

Sunday July 4th

Ayu Dayclub w/ Zedd 

Encore Beachclub w/ The Chainsmokers

Daylight Beach w/ Jeezy 

Marquee Dayclub w/ Fisher 

Drais Beach w/ Special Guest 

Wet Republic w/ Special Guest


Friday July 2nd

Zouk Nightclub w/ Jack Harlow 

XS Nightclub w/ Chainsmokers 

Marquee Nightclub w/ DJ Pauly D 

Omnia w/ Steve Aoki

Hakkasan w/ Lil Jon  

Saturday July 3rd

Zouk Nightclub w/ Zedd 

Encore Beachclub at Night w/ Dillon Francis

Hakkasan w/ Black Coffee

Omnia w/ Megan Thee Stallion  

Jewel w/ Tyga 

Drais Nightclub w/ Special guest 

Marquee Nightclub w/ DJ Vice 

Sunday July 4th

Zouk Nightclub w/ Miley Cyrus 

XS Nightclub w/ Diplo 

Hakkasan w/ Special Guest

Omnia w/ Illenium

Jewel w/ OT Genasis 

Marquee Nightclub w/ DJ Vice 


After a holding back the festivities las year,  Las Vegas Strip is pulling out all the stops this 4th of July with massive fireworks show that features multiple hotels and special events to kick off and unforgettable 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace, The Aria, Planet Hollywood, Treasure Island, The Venetian, The STRAT, and the brand new Resorts World will start the fireworks show at 11 p.m. Resorts World will have their grand opening start at 9 p.m. with a massive party at their AYU Dayclub and a special performance by Miley Cyrus that will be broadcast live on their massive outdoor LED screen. 

Vegas is Lifting COVID Restrictions

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Vegas is Lifting COVID Restrictions

Capacity limits are coming to an end in Las Vegas Casinos.  That means COVID-related restrictions on things like large gatherings, capacity limits, dancing and more will be lifted!

Starting June 1st, Clark Country Commission has allowed for the return of pre-pandemic guidelines that lift restrictions involving capacity limits, large gatherings and more!  Masks and social distancing will also not be required for fully vaccinated people — with a few exceptions.  Individual businesses can still require customers to wear masks, and masks are still needed for certain travel.

Most Vegas casinos are already back to 100% capacity and no social distancing under the oversight of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  In other words, Vegas Is Back Open!

Book with VIP Red Carpet for an unforgettable Vegas experience today!