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Las Vegas – Pranks

Las Vegas: The Game is dramatically changing the way Vegas vacations are done with customized interactive experiences designed to PRANK YOUR FRIENDS. Part experiential theatre and part choose-your-own-adventure, we engineer an ordinary night on the town that spirals into an outrageous adventure leaving guests shocked and wondering, “What the hell just happened?”

Perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate groups or any occasion. The Game has a crew of masterminds and professional actors who work with clients to identify a single unsuspecting target or prank an entire group. Crafting custom scripts, we specialize in sensational evenings that take cues straight from Hollywood screenwriters. The Game options include an elaborately hosted Vegas show that takes place entirely on a luxury tour bus, one-off slapstick gags, and detailed customized experiences. Each service fits seamlessly within our client’s existing itinerary – be it reservations at a nightclub, restaurant of choice, or a VIP pool party.

The Game

The Pissed Showgirl

  • You and your crew have managed to make it through the zillion-hour line at Wet Republic, or another hot Day Club, and you’re settling in by the pool. In a scene teeming with hot girls in bikinis, a showgirl makes her way over to your friend, and she appears verrrry interested in him. Interested enough, at least, to let him buy her drinks, and to get more and more friendly with each one. Unfortunately, it turns out she can’t hold her liquor—but not in the way you might expect. She’s straddling him on his chaise lounge when suddenly he feels a warm trickle on his thigh. “Oops!” A little bathroom humor never hurt anyone, right?
  • Cost – $500 and includes 1 Actor
  • Please note that this is not for everyone

Hit and Run

  • You and your friends are just getting your night started, cruising around in your hired limo, when the driver hits something. Something big. Could it be one of those famous Vegas raccoons that get fat off of used condoms and buffet trash? The driver pulls over and you all pile out of the car to find out. To your surprise, lying in the middle of the road is a hot maybe-hooker. She’s dazed but unhurt, and she insists that she’s okay and begs you not to call the cops. And, um, by the way, can she have a ride? After all, your party car did just almost kill her. What can you do but cave? She climbs in and the rest becomes unwritten: a night of mayhem you’ll never forget.
  • Cost – $750 and includes 1 Actor

The Bounty Hunter

  • You and your group are out at a bar or other public space, and in busts a burly guy with prison tats and handcuffs heading straight for… you? Turns out this is a bounty hunter, and you’re the target of the night. Your friends are flabbergasted. What could good old mild-mannered you have done that would get you arrested, let alone skip out on bond? The bounty hunter throws you in a car and spends the next half hour regaling your group with all the dirty details—how you were arrested for soliciting a hooker, she bailed you out, but then things got messy—or how you were caught with your pants down in a goat pen—the filthier and more outrageous your “secret life,” the better. Finally, the thug-for-hire hands off a card with the info for a mobile bail bondsman, and your friends end up on a wild goose chase trying to figure out how to save you. And you? You get to sit back with a drink and enjoy watching your friends scramble to get you free.
  • Cost – $850 and includes 2 Actors
  • You are the target. This does require a little acting and the ability to keep a straight face

Your Very Own Hangover

  • The way the movies show it, you’d think nobody in Vegas was operating inside Do your friends think you’re a pussy? Are you sick of it? Then this is the prank for you. This is your chance to come up with the ultimate wild Vegas scenario, and have your friends believe you’ve done it all. It might look something like this: you and your group are out at the club, and you go to take a piss and don’t come back—not until a few hours later, when you arrive with a fresh face tattoo and a girl on your arm who’s a drop-dead gorgeous oil heiress. Or you’ve got a wild story about being drugged and thrown in the trunk of a car and released in the desert to make your own way back. Thank god you got picked up by that studly rodeo hand over there. Oh, and by the way? That heiress or that rodeo hand? You’ve decided to make it official. Who’s up for a drive-through wedding? We’ll provide all the evidence you need (including live actors) to make your crazy adventure seem legit. And just when your pals have bought the story hook, line, and sinker, just when their impression of you has done a complete 180—that’s when you get to decide how to do the big reveal and let them know the story they’ve just bought is 100% bona fide bullshit. Your friends will never underestimate you again.
  • Cost – $2500 and includes 5 Actors
  • You will leave the group for up to 2 hours, you are the target. This does require a little acting and the ability to keep a straight face

A Ride to Remember

  • All the world’s a stage, right? For your stroll down the Strip tonight, we’re going to make it literal. We’ll consult with you to come up with a script that’s sure to thrill and scandalize your group, and then we’ll turn that script over to the Las Vegas crazies and let ‘em loose. As puppet master you control three Vegas characters and EVERYONE gets a surprise at the end. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas of what your group might encounter on your wild walk: A flash mob of showgirls. A pie in the face—from Alice Cooper. A furry orgy. A crazy smut handler who may or may not be able to accurately predict the future. Mickey Mouse caught with his pants down. A classic trench coat-style flasher. We’ll transform your stroll into an experience that’s as hilarious, creepy, bizarre, and insane as your Vegas dreams desire.
  • Cost – $1750 and includes 3 Actors

More pranks, pranks a la carte, and customizable packages are available.