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Steve Wisdom. United Kingdom

Steve Wisdom. United Kingdom


RED Carpet VIP smashes it as usual!!

After years of hitting Ibiza it was time to tackle the bright lights of Las Vegas! My first experience of Mecca was back in 2010 where we went for a week…. I found red carpet through the Internet and spoke with T from the off, not sure what to expect 6 lads booked 3 nights up in advance, after the first night we booked up another 3 we where that impressed with red carpet. They made everything so simple, letting the host know what time we were getting to the venue, walking straight into the club and the bottles coming straight out and the night was our oyster! Largely due to the service we got that first year is the reason we make it an annual trip! We love our music and the clubs, the atmosphere….. But if it wasn’t for the service we get, if we had to que to gain entry for an hour, if we didn’t have decent tables and had to keep walking around as you can’t stand in one place in most Vegas clubs and if we had to que to get a drink in a very busy venue….. Chances are we wouldn’t go back as often as we do….. (The boxing is just the excuse for most of the guys…. It’s a guy thing… Lol!)

So with this in mind, I don’t think I need to spell out to you how much I appreciate what T and his team do for me, the personal touch that they strive to give and the service that they deliver as standard….. Or perhaps I just did…. Either way RED Carpet VIP make our experience enjoyable each and every time and for this we thank the team and T for everything they do for us! Be back out there real soon, the boxing is calling!!