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Top 10 Reasons to Use RCVIP

Has Anyone ever taken the time to share the difference between going to a club directly, verse entrusting RED CARPET VIP, the clubs largest client, to plan your party. Below are the Top 10 Reasons that Red Carpet VIP has been voted “ The Best Hosting Company” by club owners and management, why multiple concierge desks refer us directly to their clients, 4 ½ stars on Yelp, and an A+ Rating with the BBB.

There is no gray area or mystery as to what is included or not. No mystification! When booking direct with the clubs, it’s not uncommon to experience last minute changes or surprises as there is no contract at play.  The clubs retain full right to change the bar tab requirements, put you at any table they choose in any room they choose, or if it’s a hot enough club or big enough night, there will be more reservations than there are tables, and you could get no table at all.  Everything we plan is guaranteed in writing!

The prices we provide for table service always include the bottles you choose, or bar tab you have, along with required tips to wait-staff (22% in some clubs), 8.1% state sales tax, 10% live entertainment tax (when applicable), service fees (charged by some clubs), tips to management for the commitment to specific table locations, and any fees we may have.  It’s all in the one number.  When talking with the club personnel directly, you’ll find they typically quote only the bar tab, and then you don’t learn the full price until the end of the night when you get stuck with the bill.  Since you told your friends it was going to cost less then you’ll feel bad telling them it’s different and get stuck paying extra.  We like to tell our clients, you can leave your wallet at home, just don’t forget your ID!

There’s a difference between having a reservation for a table and actually having a table.  There are lots of reasons groups arrive at the club late, including dinner running long, cab lines and traffic, naps from daytime buzzes running long, and too many girls using the same shower.  Our clients rest easy knowing that their table was paid for by us before the club even opened, thereby making your table un-bumpable. You don’t have to settle for the standard retort, “Get here early.  I’ll do my best.  I’ll see what I can do.” SIMPLY SHOW UP WHEN YOU WANT!

Simply text the Red Carpet VIP Host that called/text messaged you at 7pm to introduce him/herself, if it’s a pool party you’re doing with us, text the host who called/texted the night before and again at 9am, then walk to agreed location.  It doesn’t matter how long the LINES are, they DO NOT APPLY to you!  We walk you in with zero lines of any type! When you have a reservation with the club, you have to get at the end of the reservations line, or stand in a crowd of people with reservations, and wait your turn to get helped.  Keep your composure as people in line behind you get in before you.

When you have a table with us, the tab is paid for and closed out before you even arrive, therefore, you can’t get stuck with a bill at the end of the night!  If you go through the club directly, you won’t know the total until the end and good luck rounding up your friends and collecting cash on the spot.  No one can order additional drinks from your table without making payment at that moment. If you have a minimum bar tab instead of a certain number of bottles, then the wait-staff won’t go past zero without alerting you that your next order will take pre-paid balance to $0, thereby preventing it from going over without your knowledge which is the case when you deal directly.

It doesn’t matter if you finish your bottles and don’t want to buy any more.  You will not be asked to gather your belongings and vacate.  In fact, the wait-staff is there to serve you still if you just want to order a couple of drinks here or there.

If you are managing a large group, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to figure out complex math at 4:30am and front money for friends that have long since disappeared or walked off in a blackout.  You can have everyone pay individually online if you want.  If you prefer, you can secure one or multiple nights out or day parties with $200 deposit and then settle by card or in cash after arrival in town.  For those who haven’t partied with us or aren’t referred, we allow for you to settle up for 1 event at a time to ease any fears and make it easy for you to try us out.

We work for you not for the clubs.  We won’t tell you something is good if it isn’t.  If what you want to do isn’t popular enough to require our service, then we’ll provide you guidance and direction as a courtesy.  We are the largest client at every major venue spending $6,000,000 plus in client money this year between them.  Club management offers us deals to attract larger percentages of our business that aren’t available to others.  When you’re our client, it’s as though you are the largest client.

Before you go out, or after, you name the strip club, and the limo and entry are provided complimentary.  That goes for any strip club in town, whenever you want to go.  We just get them to send the house car to come pick you up, so when you arrive admission is free as well.  We do offer admission to some lounges as well which are good for pre-gaming and enjoying a nice view before heading out to the clubs.

We’ll give you the ability to pick your exact table! No BS!  Marquee, Pure, and Tao all have 3 different inside rooms as well as an outside area.  XS has both an inside and outside area and every club has some tables that are better than other ones.  The clubs make great additions to revenue by walking people to tables that they don’t like and then upselling them on the spot to better locations.  When you are out with your best friends, wearing your best clothes, and you are already at the club for the night, you’ll pay more for tables the night of on your own than we could have gotten committed for you in advance. If your group is large then you should know that there are lots of large groups and only a couple of large tables in most clubs.  If your group is all guys, then you should recognize that your table doesn’t provide the look that management wants for highly visible locations.  WE’LL SHOW YOU SEATING CHARTS ONLINE AND YOU CHOOSE!

Red Carpet VIP is here to make sure that your group experiences the best parties, for your group! We work with all the major venues in town! If you are available now to share a few minutes about options, my contact information is listed below. Otherwise, please reply to this email with the best time to share 5-10 minutes, and the best number to reach you at.

We look forward to partying with you soon.

Thank you!