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Vegas Travel Tips

So you’re coming to Vegas? If you’re a “Vegas Virgin”, you may want to take a minute and read through some of the bullet points below. They could save your life… or just help you make it through. Either way, they are helpful. If we don’t address something below that you have a question on… feel free to ask your VIP Specialist or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We are here to help!


  • Before you pack for Vegas, do yourself a favor and check the weather. It’s not always 110° and sunny here. We do get cold weather and we do get rain. Crazy right?
  • In the summer months, temperatures can reach as high as 115° and with little precipitation… it’s an oven out here!
  • In the winter months, you can expect lows in the mid-30’s so don’t forget your jacket.


  • Pack comfy shoes for walking the strip. The main part of the Strip that stretches from Mandalay Bay to the Encore is 2.7 miles and that does not include walking through each casino. Keep that in mind when you decide to leave your room in heels ladies!
  • Pack proper attire for the nightclubs. This is where you will want to leave those comfy shoes behind. Not sure what to wear? Check out our Dress Code Guide.
  • Before you head out to eat, determine how you should dress for dinner. You don’t want to have to run back to the room to change before going out to a club.

It’s a Dry Heat

  • All jokes aside, you will want to prepare for the dry weather in Vegas by packing lip balm, eye drops, sunscreen and lotion to help you stay moisturized.
  • Water, water and more water. Especially during the summer, it is extremely important to stay hydrated with water at all times… including while drinking alcohol.

Auto and Pedestrian Traffic

  • Whether driving or walking the Vegas strip it is easy to get distracted by the flashing lights, the Fountains at Bellagio, the Volcano at Mirage and so much more. Stay aware and pay attention to your surroundings. You don’t want to get hit by a bus do you?
  • Pedestrian traffic while driving can be frustrating to say the least as many ignore traffic signs and at times common sense. Just remember, you are in a car with your AC cranking and they are walking in 100+ degree weather… cut them some slack every once in a while.
  • If you plan on driving around off the Strip in Vegas, either bring your own or get a GPS.

Gambling for Dummies

  • If you have never sat at a live table to gamble, you may want to get some lessons first (offered by some casinos free of charge) or pick up a book for the flight out.
  • Don’t forget… those chips you are lugging around in your pocket are real money. You lose them, at the table or anywhere else, they are not getting replaced.
  • Drinks are free when gaming in the casino. Those lovely ladies walking by offering cocktails work for tips so if you take care of them they are more likely to come back around more often.

Understand the Law

While many believe that “anything goes” in Vegas, that’s not the case and you don’t want to end up making a fool of yourself on Vegas Strip (truTV) do you?


  • Consuming alcohol while walking outdoors on the Vegas strip – grab your favorite Yard Stick Slushy and get to walking.
  • Consuming alcohol while in cabs/limos – don’t rush to finish that drink before you jump in a cab, bring it with you!

Not legal

  • Prostitution – while prostitution is legal in some Nevada counties, Clark (Las Vegas) is not one of them. You’ll have to travel about 50 minutes from the strip to Pahrump for some legal action.
  • Drugs – the “I didn’t know” excuse doesn’t cut it here

Other Tips

  • Your room has a safe, use it. If you plan to bring some company back to your room, you may want to lock up your important belongings (wallet, cash, passport, etc) into the room safe… just in case.
  •  If you are an international traveler, you may want to pick up a pre-paid phone or SIM card to save from roaming fees.

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